Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Remi - all systems go :-)

After careful discussion and observation, Remi had some of his deviation trimmed off last night. We felt it was trying to fall off but had split and not fallen off and that it was starting to hamper him. He was very close to interfering with the other front leg.

We watched him walk, took some off, watched him walk, took some more off, watched him walk. He seems happier with it reduced. Will watch him over next week or so, and see effect on his movement.

Judging by how Remi bounced round out hacking first thing this morning, I think he is happy with his feet. Turbo Remi

Remi is still very much a work in progress in terms of rehab and building him back up for dressage. But there are some encouraging signs.

He is hacking very happily including alone (which has long been problematic). Perhaps a sign that he is more comfortable physically? He hacks out (even over stones) with pricked ears and bright eyes, and is a joy to hack at the moment.

He is also standing and moving a lot more uphill than he was a year ago. My trainer suggested that he previously some discomfort in hips / stifles / quarters and was braced behind and putting weight on his shoulders, now he is more comfortable behind, he moves in a more uphill way. In the last few weeks he has got easier and easier to sit in balance on when schooling.

His bodywork reports are getting better and better.

He is starting to build up muscle over his back, loins and topline.

Keeping all crossed.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Remi landings 23rd June

Remi walk landings 23rd June

I think they are again a slight improvement? Still flattish in front but glimmers of landing more heel first. Thoughts? Any thoughts on how he lands side to side? Any comments welcome. 23rd June

Monday, 24 June 2013

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Good friends

Mac is actually saying - Remi I smell apples - where is mine!!

 scratching itches :-)

 Good friends :-)

Mac and Remi enjoying the only small patch of long grass in the paddock (where I extended it about 6 feet out yesterday!)

Evening sunshine

Remi coming down the paddock to say good night :-)

 Remi hoping for a good night cuddle and treat :-)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Fun and frolics

I let Remi and Mac in the big summer field for a short time today to reacquaint with main herd.

I am hoping to sometimes turn Remi out in main field with a muzzle for short periods.

They cant stay in this field as grass is too much for them! Huge amounts of grass in a lovely 5 acre field with other two nice horses :-)

 Remi had lots of fun exploring and showing off, as did Mac.


What long grass!! 

Mac looking lovely :-) 

 Bay boys exploring :-)

Beautiful boy :-)

Best of friends in a five acre field 

 Remi :-) :-)

Best bay boys :-) 

 Gorgeous boy :-)

Showing how long the grass is! Mac was hurdling the grass and nettles for fun (missed that on camera).

Love him :-)

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